Manufacturing reinforced concrete sewage pipes by rollerhead compacted technology using Jumbo machine from Germany

To enhance the quality and diversify precast concrete  products, Hung Vuong company invested in Jumbo automatic pipe production chain – by BFS (Germany). The production chain is capable of making sewer pipe with 1500mm – 3600mm diameters. Pipejacking, box culvert with ranggesof size from (1000m x 1000m) to (3000m x 3000m) and optinal concrete manholes. This is table vibration and core vibration technologies, the central vibrating column is designed  in numerous levels to ensure vibration force would be evenly distributed on the whole body of sewers and vibration force at each levels would horizontally compress concrete down as well as into the mold.


To addition to the advantages as Bidi and Souvaraen chain, Jumbo sewers production chain can also produce 2 products at  the same time, aggregate feeding speed is controlled by lazer technology, and the concrete compression degree is very high due to the central vibration system.

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