Table vibration technology, Pedershaab machine, Denmark

 Product Pedershaab

Hung Vuong company has continuously upgraded technology to keep up with of the most modern production of box culvert. Despite of massive improvements, old production methods only resulted in slow production progress and limited product diversity, which has been only suitable to small to medium size products and did not meet market demands.

To solve the afore mentioned problems, the company imported Perdershaab box culvert production chain from Denmark. This chain is designed with large vibratingtables which can vibrate up to 70 tons load and is completely automatically controlled. Hydrautic motor and microwave vibration system are used to vibrate and force aggregates in making products. Most notably, Perdershaab box culvert production chain can produce box culvert with geometric dimensions up to 7m x 4m (single sewers) and 3m x 3m x2 (double sewers) at the speed of 20 minutes per product.


 Pedershaab box culvert production chain

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